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BBC Group – your reliable partner for innovative products and individual solutions

At BBC Group we offer interesting and innovative solutions across various sectors. With our own manufacturing facilities in Asia, east- and central Europe, North America as well as our own distribution companies in the most significant markets, we have a solid and broad international presence.

The BBC Group was established by Giorgio Behr and is led and managed by the Behr family today.

BBC News

31.07.19 BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New assembly video of CAM AMX on our Youtube Channel

An assembly of a different kind! For visual clarification, a very detailed assembly video of a...

24.07.19 BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Youtube Channel of BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

You don´t want to miss assembly videos, Product- and comparison test anymore and also get the...

BBC Cellpack Smart Energy

Welcome to the new digital and transparent world of electrical energy networks. With our SGIM solutions, which can be easily retrofitted in the field, you make the energy flows of your low-voltage networks visible and controllable with foresight. Respond to changes in good time before disruptions occur. Smart new World.

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

We develop and manufacture cable connecting systems and accessories for low- and medium voltages up to 42 kV. As a reliable partner of energy supply and energy distribution companies, delivering to retail, wholesale and industry, our world- renowned high material and product quality ensures the supply performance in the distribution grid.

BBC Cellpack Power Systems

Whether we act as a value-added service provider of medium-voltage systems, or as an original manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear assemblies or cable distribution cabinets for local networks, supplying turnkey transformer stations or acting as a service provider for installations, our high-quality solutions are deployed at critical points in the electricity network thus guaranteeing reliable and safe energy distribution over decades.

BBC Cellpack Packaging

For more than 80 years now, we have specialised in printing, laminating and refining flexible packaging materials. We offer printed monofilms and laminates (gravure and flexo printing), wax laminates or micro perforated laminates, wax paper, flat and stand- up pouches as well as padded cushioning. Comprehensive and excellent customer care is our continual focal point.

BBC Cellpack Plastics

A leading provider in technical plastics processing and application as well as in manufacturing customer-specific finished products and components. For example, we serve medical technology with components and systems. We also have a comprehensive range of semi-finished plastic products that are readily available and a high-performing customisation service.

BBC Cellpack Medical

Your partner for medical sector products, from manufacturing (plastic, metal, ceramic) to refining and cleaning, packaging and sterilisation. We manage the demanding documentation process on behalf of our customers and ensure that compliance regulations are met. We can guarantee optimally coordinated systems, process media and processes that result in ultra-clean medical products.

BBC Bircher Smart Access

The specialist and worldwide supplier of touch-free and pressure-sensitive sensors. Our wide range of safety- and sensor systems is used in automatic doors and gates in industry as well as in public transport. Furthermore, we develop and produce innovative solutions in the field of safety edging and touch-sensitive switch mats.

BBC Bircher Automation

We develop concepts in close cooperation with our customers that provide open and flexible automation solutionsfor machine- and device control. We offer customers a fundamental value-add: comprehensive know-how combined with effective collaboration, enabling us to find solutions within short timeframes and deliver true results.