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17.07.2023BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

A Look at the Benelux Low Voltage Market

with André van der Veer

The Low Voltage Market in the Benelux countries has its own dynamics. André van der Veer is Business Manager at BBC Cellpack, which operates worldwide; he knows all about it. He has been operating in the world of Electrotechnical Wholesale and Products for some 33 years now. For three years, he has been working at BBC Cellpack Benelux, based in Almere, the Netherlands. As Market Manager Low Voltage, he and his team are the point of contact for BBC Cellpack clients in the Benelux countries. Who is André and what drives him?


André, what is your experience and what is the main driver that has kept you in this industry for so long? 


"Before I go any further, just a personal note: Because behind every business role there is a human being. I really enjoy sailing and I also volunteer for various organisations. Doing something good for another person in society is very important to me. In addition, I have indeed been active in the Low Voltage market for a long time. In various roles, always with a technical-commercial bias. For instance, I have a lot of experience with Electrotechnical Wholesalers and their customers, with Electrotechnical suppliers and I was active in the OEM market. All this experience at different levels makes me a good discussion partner for our BBC Cellpack customers. My knowledge about different cable connection techniques and different applications in the Low Voltage market up to 1kV is up to date. My drivers are dedication and result-oriented attitude. With a forward-looking outlook, I enjoy working with parties who really want to achieve goals, where a joint interpretation and involvement of me and the sales team is desired."


Can you briefly tell us about BBC Cellpack Electrical Products?


"It is a brand that is highly appreciated both nationally and internationally. While BBC Cellpack Electrical Products is headquartered in Villmergen near Wohlen in Switzerland, production today mainly takes place in Germany. Production sites are located in Waldshut-Tiengen and Radeberg. In core markets such as Benelux, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and India, we are present for our customers with our own subsidiaries. In many other countries, we are represented by strong nationally operating sales partners. For more than 50 years and until today, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has been producing only one thing: Cable connection systems and accessories for low- and medium-voltage grids. We are a reliable and competent supplier in this segment."


What are BBC Cellpack's best-selling product groups in low voltage?


"These are cast resin products, straight-through/branch joints, crimp joints, tapes, gels and cleaning products, and joints, or connectors.


In this market, quality and price do not differ much. What distinguishes BBC Cellpack from peers in the market?


"There is a key differentiator! We have a team that considers personal contact and accessibility with customers very important. You also see in the Low Voltage Market that the personal touch is becoming less and less. Many customers actually appreciate the fact that they can always reach us and speak to someone. Especially if there are technical questions or problems from, for instance, installers working in the field. In addition, the organisation responds adequately to all developments. We often hear that the we exceed customer expectations because of our broad product range that specifically targets market segments such as strategic electrical wholesalers, installers, infrastructure engineering, the OEM market and energy companies. And finally, may I reveal a secret? Cellpack's tape is THE upcoming brand in the low-voltage market."


 Would you like to meet André and his team? Please, get in touch. or call or WhatsApp to +31 6-15602877.