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19.11.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

CELLNat, nature invites itself into your home!

Today, to be trendy, you have to live as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability and recyclability are the order of the day. Even more than a trend, respect for the environment has become a global concern, a worldwide concern, as the recent COP26 demonstrates.


All activity sectors are concerned, including packaging. Packaging is a significant waste load around the world. There is a large area of waste off the Pacific coast called the 7th continent. Packaging is now the subject of fierce criticism and has an extremely negative image among the general public.


1. Towards a packaging revolution


In 2017, the European Commission strengthened its environmental policy on plastic packaging. The aim is that by 2030, all plastic packaging should be reusable, renewable or recyclable, creating a new model for the plastics packaging economy.


With this announcement, a number of manufacturers are committing to this revolution for the packaging industry, both in film and paper packaging. Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Danone, Unilever and Procter & Gamble are all committed and are setting the tone for the rest of the players in their respective markets.


Paper is a natural resource and is considered by consumers to be a more environmentally friendly raw material than plastic. The current trends of eco-responsibility, recycling, sustainable development, eco-design, responsible and reasoned consumption, generate the creation of new packaging, particularly innovations in paper packaging.


2. What about us?


We take into account the needs and expectations of our customers and also those of consumers. It was therefore natural for us to expand our range of recyclable products. After CELLPouch for our eco-designed pouches, CELLPads for our bio-sourced pads, CELLRoll for our eco-friendly films, CELLNat was born for our recyclable paper packaging.


CELLNat replaces our previous green CELLWax range. CELLWax restricted our paper activity to coated paper, whereas our ambition is to be an expert in all aspects of paper packaging. As paper is a natural raw material, it symbolises a return to the origins of packaging, which in the past was mainly made of paper. This is the message we want to convey with CELLNat: a return to the essential, to simplicity, a return to nature.


CELLNat already contains several brands:


  • CELLNat Cheesy for our cheese packaging
  • CELLNat Sweety for our paper packaging for the confectionery market
  • CELLNat Crunchy for our packaging for dry products


Today, with our range of paper products, we offer our customers more than a return to the origins of packaging, we offer them a whole concept of sustainable development, respect for our planet, transparency with the consumer and, of course, Naturalness. Why?  Because our paper packaging is eco-designed: FSC paper, vegetable coating, inks suitable for food contact. An eco-responsible solution in its globality.


Our ambition for our packaging: to develop products those are good for the environment, good for the customers and good for the consumers.


3. The future and our ongoing research


The future starts today! In order to meet the upcoming European standards, it is important to find environmentally friendly solutions now. Our recyclable product ranges already allow us to offer our customers responsible packaging solutions to replace standard non-recyclable solutions.


Our product development teams are currently working on the research and development of new types of packaging, including innovative paper packaging to enhance and strengthen our CELLNat range. With our strong expertise in the paper packaging field, we know what the current market needs are and are already testing several innovative ideas. 


A hint for our next packaging innovation: a 100% paper packaging with unique technical properties! Get ready, there are some great new responsible and recyclable products coming in 2022!