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26.04.2022BBC Cellpack Packaging

CELLPads in pure form!

CELLPads in pure form!


Spring is here! Finally!  Spring is here! Finally! & with it come its set of flowers, colours, singing birds and above all, its set of good moods.  


 Spring is the energy of renewal! And what could be better than to present - or re-present - our cushion pads packaging, symbol of renewal? So here we go! Let's discover this range of packaging full of surprises! 


Why CELLPads means renewal?

Because our packaging can be reinvented according to your wishes! It's not just a white, rectangular cushion pads; it's a product that can be stamped, cut, folded, given a particular shape or colour... Let your imagination run wild, surprise your customers and choose our paper packaging solution to pack your products.



100% customization, for 100% satisfaction!


Our CELLPads are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to offer you maximum customisation for your food and non-food products. Discover in our range of cushion pads:


  • Pre-cut cushion pads! To make discoverable compartments in your chocolate or candy boxes to surprise your consumers when they open the box.
  • Folded cushion pads! To make a protection in your boxes and to replace the plastic padding by paper padding.
  • Cushion pads cut into shapes! Hearts, animals, stars, circles, squares to fit all your box shapes and communication ideas.



We don't stop there! The thickness of the cushion pads can also be customised with several layers of paper and cells according to your expectations and needs. Because one of the main functions of our cushion pads is to protect and secure your products on their way to the consumer's home.


Let's talk about colours! White, brown or black, there are three options available for the paper colour of your cushion pads. To take the customisation of our cushion pads to the next level, we also offer you the option of printing your designs, texts and images in a maximum of 8 colours on one side and/or on the reverse side using our food-safe inks. Your packaging will reflect your image from beginning to end!


Our last asset? In addition to being the ultimate in customisation, our CELLPads are recyclable!   Regarding raw materials, we use FSC or PEFC certified paper in order to guarantee you products that respect sustainable development. Always in an approach of good packaging for the environment, the production of our cushion pads is CO2 neutral, which means that for these packaging, we have a carbon footprint of 0!


So convinced by our CELLPads paper packaging?  

Yes? Don't wait any longer and contact us for a personalised offer for your needs!