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18.06.2024BBC Bircher Smart Access

Cheer all around at the traditional summer party

BBC Bircher Smart Access celebrates with employees and their families

The BBC Bircher Smart Access summer party took place last Friday, June 7, under a clear blue sky: Catering, a live band, and a team competition held by the trainees made for a cheerful atmosphere.


Worries over the modest early summer weather turned out to be unfounded. Still, the plan to have an indoor seating area in the logistics hall and an outdoor area featuring live music proved to be quite the success. Employees and their families fully enjoyed this year’s summer party. With extensive catering offering a BBQ buffet, salads, and desserts, there was something for everyone. On an improvised stage in the outdoor area, the band “Garagemen” – with Technical Consultant Ralf Kessinger on the keyboard and vocals – provided excellent entertainment thanks to a variety of live music.


Trainees organize a small competition


The trainees at BBC Bircher Smart Access arranged for a unique highlight: Specially for the summer party, they prepared a competition with five stations of games. Teams of employees faced small challenges such as pantomiming, “Who am I?”, and a quiz. In the end, the team with the most points won a basket filled with goodies. Executive management and staff rounded off the early summer evening in a relaxed atmosphere and with good conversation – bring on the next summer party!