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29.04.2024BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

CSRD Sustainability Report 2023

BBC Cellpack GmbH publishes its new CSRD Sustainability Report 2023

The importance of CSR is growing, and requirements for corporate sustainability reporting are changing fundamentally because of the new the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). From 2025, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Disclosure) will become mandatory across the EU and will affect around 50 000 companies in EU, including BBC Cellpack Electrical Products. BBC Cellpack Electrical Products has already been preparing for this milestone since March 2023 and now we publish the first ESRS compliant report with disclosures and KPI data from 2023. Two years before we are legally obliged to do so. 

You find our actual 2023 report here on our Website 

This report was created with a software tool from Cubemos, Munich.  


Purpose of the CSRD Report


In an era of ever-evolving business landscapes and increasing environmental responsibilities, it has become imperative for companies to intensify their sustainability efforts and communicate transparently. In this context, Cellpack has taken a significant step forward by publishing a comprehensive CSRD report for the year 2023.


The CSRD report serves as more than just a compliance requirement for companies. It acts as a compass for sustainable development, showcasing Cellpacks commitment to environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic sustainability. The report provides a holistic representation of the company's initiatives, successes, and challenges in the realm of sustainability.


What makes CSRD so fascinating?


It is based on the concept of “double materiality.” Here, a distinction is made between the “inside-out perspective,” also known as “impact materiality,” and the “outside-in perspective,” or “financial materiality.”  Companies must therefore consider not only their financial aspects, but also their environmental, social, and governance impacts. The new annual report contains written insight into strategies, risks, opportunities, corporate policies, goals, metrics, and actions.