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13.04.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

​​​​​​​Customer service makes sense!

Customer service makes sense!


BBC CELLPACK has had a product and customer-oriented approach for many years. In 2020, we decided to go even further by reshaping our organisation towards a customer-centric strategy.


What is a customer-centric strategy?


This marketing strategy, described as “customer-centric”, places the customer at the centre of a company’s organisation and strategic objectives. A customer-centric global vision places the customer’s needs and expectations at the heart of the business strategy. Every decision is made with the goal of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.


Let us take a closer look at this definition: according to Dr Peter Fader, professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, having a “customer-centric” organisation involves “a strategy that aligns development of services and products with the current needs of a limited segment of customers, with the goal of maximising their long term financial value for the company.”


The customer-centric concept goes further than the idea of being customer-oriented. The latter was no longer adequate for us, and we needed to go further in our approach to the customer experience. This led us completely naturally to develop our structure towards becoming customer-centric.  Having a “customer-centric” approach means to take the customer into consideration throughout the entire company process, from the CEO to the machine operator.  This is a real philosophy, a new business culture that needs to be built up.


What are the ideas behind being “customer-centric”?


In a “customer-centric” vision, customer experience, service and relations are the focal point of the organisation. These three aspects are fundamental to the implementation of this marketing strategy. The customer experience is all of the interactions that a customer may have with a company during his or her customer journey. This takes place via relationships with staff, communication campaigns, the products purchased, customer services or the website and social networks.


The customer must have a unique experience during his or her life cycle within our company, before, during and after purchase. The act of purchasing itself is not the ultimate goal of the experience. On the contrary, it is just one stage in the overall experience with our company. The customer experience continues after the act of purchasing and the challenge consists in finding the means to continue to interact with the customer to stay in relationship. The Econsultancy study published in 2015 explains that the customer experience plays a major role for companies and this idea has become the most significant commercial opportunity for businesses. The more a customer feels important for a business, the more he or she is likely to remain loyal to it.


The objective of a “customer-centric” marketing strategy is to provide a unique experience that will promote increased customer loyalty, commitment and satisfaction.  In this respect, the aspect of customer relationships is therefore highly important. According to research by the Northwestern University Center for Retail Management, “15% of the most loyal customers contribute to 60% of the company’s total sales.” Having good customer relationships, being proactive in identifying customer needs and providing a unique business experience are important and part of the “customer centric” practices that we are gradually setting up within our company.


And, in practice, what will Customer Centricity at BBC CELLPACK Packaging involve?


In 2020, we have chosen to make a change of direction towards a “customer centric” strategy and to rethink the whole of our organisation and strategy. We want to be as close as possible to our customers in order to anticipate their needs and suggest solutions that are increasingly more innovative and connected with current events, the market and their packaging experiences.


Our sales and marketing department has been renamed “Customer Success Department”: a new name for a new company culture. The customer is the focal point of our organisation and his or her success is our motivation. Our colleagues have been made aware of this new strategic vision of our company, because being customer-centric must be expressed by all our departments, from the CEO to the machine operator.


Our packaging innovations are developed as part of this same approach, whereby the needs and expectations of the customer are taken into consideration. This is how CELLPouch, CELLWax, CELLRoll & CELLPads, our recyclable and environmentally responsible packaging ranges, were born. Our customers’ and consumers’ needs for environmentally responsible, sustainable flexible packaging is constantly increasing. We have anticipated the needs of our customers through analysis of discussions with them, knowledge of their market and current trends in the packaging sector.


“Packaging for a better future” is our customer-centric strap-line to take us forward together towards a future that is good for the environment, good for the customer and good for the consumer.


Discover our vision in detail in the video :