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11.05.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Finally: GIRLS'DAY at BBC Cellpack Electrical Products again

After more than a year, in April, we were able to organize the second digital Girls'Day. A very special day for our female young talents who were curious to get a taste of a truly ELECTRIFYING career. At BBC Cellpack, too, this day is always highly anticipated.


The annual event, which is very popular with us, grants young girls fifth grade and upwards an insight into our technical professions. BBC Cellpack has enjoyed being a part of this for several years now. After last year's first digital Girls'Day, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Thus, the organizing team, consisting of Julia Heinecke, Dr. Iriyna Ovsyanko, and Matthias Szczygielski, decided on a reiteration. Small BBC Cellpack packages with a variety of working materials were put together and sent home to all participants. This way, the girls could not only be listeners, but also take their first hands-on steps towards a technical future.


Under close remote supervision by our high-voltage lab employees, the girls were then allowed to assemble an EASYCELL gel joint. Despite the distance, it all worked out great. In addition, we were able to carry out various experiments with the EASYCELL joint, our Powergel, and a selection of cast resins. The report by Dr. Ovsyanko and Mr. Szczygielski, talking about their work routines in the high-voltage lab, was particularly interesting. We are already looking forward to next year!