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28.04.2023BBC Bircher Smart Access

Focus on sustainability

BBC Bircher Smart Access expands resource efficiency and environmental management

With its smart access systems, collaboration with suppliers and partners, and internal modernization measures, BBC Bircher Smart Access aims to achieve greater sustainability from 2023.


As part of its "Quality first" strategy, BBC Bircher Smart Access has been stepping up its sustainability activities since this year. Already certified to ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO14001 (environmental management), the Swiss company has achieved a bronze rating from a standing start after registering with EcoVadis.


Measures contributing to higher resource efficiency and lower CO2 emissions include the establishment of a European central warehouse in the Czech Republic, the reorganization of infrastructure at the headquarters in Beringen, and the modernization of CareMat production there: Thanks to the latter, production and delivery is faster, occupies a smaller area and uses less energy. Inventory levels were also significantly reduced, and the packaging design was revised and optimized. As a result, energy consumption and the volume of waste per employee were further reduced in Beringen.


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Saving resources along the value chain


The holistic approach to the issue of sustainability includes a number of other measures, which currently include above all supplier management and compliance with relevant EU standards. "As a globally oriented Swiss company that supplies many of its products to the European Union, compliance is a very important issue for us," says Amanda Della Rocca, head of QHSE at BBC Bircher Smart Access. "We therefore take a very close look at suppliers, for example, with regard to the handling of conflict minerals - also with the help of an external partner."


BBC Bircher Smart Access has also been contributing to greater sustainability among its customers for many years: Doors and gates ensure resource efficiency during operation thanks to intelligent automation with sensors and systems from BBC Bircher Smart Access. By opening and closing quickly and masking crossing traffic, energy savings of several thousand kWh per year can be achieved - for example in large industrial doors for commercial vehicles.


Sustainability first: working together for greater sustainability


"We are working on continuously expanding our activities in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility and want to achieve gold status in the EcoVadis rating if possible," says Della Rocca, setting the direction. "In addition, ISO14001 recertification is due in 2023. We will also involve employees, suppliers and customers even more closely as part of a sustainability strategy in order to release further potential both internally and across the entire value chain - in other words, not just 'quality first', but also 'sustainability first'!"