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19.09.2023BBC Bircher Smart Access

Higher safety for machines and systems

Safety Mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access increase machine safety

Pressure-sensitive area switches are an efficient and reliable means of preventing personal injury in industrial environments and beyond - now as seen in the new BBC Bircher Smart Access video.




Automated machines, robots and production lines pose a potential hazard to people working in these areas. With BBC Bircher Smart Access Safety Mats, such areas can be flexibly safeguarded and additional switching tasks can be implemented if required. The safety mats are easy to install and there are virtually no limits to both design and application possibilities.


Flexible safety and switching element


In a new video, BBC Bircher Smart Access shows how the safety mats are typically used to secure hazardous areas. Laid on the floor, they make danger zones clearly visible and thus ensure greater safety: When stepping on the mat, machines and equipment with moving parts are automatically stopped. However, safety mats and pushbuttons can also be used to activate specific functions. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate several switching zones on one surface.


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If a sufficiently high compressive force acts on the surface of the switching mat, the parallel contact surfaces are pressed against each other so that the circuit closes. The signal is transmitted to the BBC Bircher Smart Access EsMatix 3 safety switchgear, which triggers the desired switching operation. The combination of safety mat and switchgear is type-tested according to EN ISO 13856-1 and achieves performance level PLe, Cat. 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1.


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More functionality and safety in one


A special version of the safety mat are the forklift mats from BBC Bircher Smart Access. They are designed for forklifts and industrial trucks and offer a robust footprint with an integrated safety switch on the vehicle. The forklift mats are custom-made and can be configured to a high degree in terms of shape, size, surface structure, mat thickness and hardness, and cable outlets. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate color-coded zones for foot switching functions in addition to presence detection.


With the ES-Button, BBC Bircher Smart Access offers another solution for switching tasks in industrial environments: The flat pushbutton is based on the same technology as the safety mats and can be used flexibly as a man-machine interface, for example for opening doors or triggering functions by hand, foot or arm. The ES button is particularly characterized by its robust design: Moisture and dirt as well as severe mechanical stress do not bother it.


Almost unlimited application possibilities


Thanks to their great flexibility and the free choice of shape, structure and color, BBC Bircher Smart Access Safety Mat solutions are predestined for a wide range of applications: In addition to safeguarding danger zones in industrial environments, they can also be used, for example, to separate people at security gates and in transport vehicles. They also secure vulnerable areas in cable car vehicles and stations as well as on industrial doors, for example folding doors.


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