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25.02.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

Moving forward with innovation

"Innovation fascinates, interrogates and questions itself. Innovation builds and builds itself. "Lina Alami.


In a world in perpetual renewal, innovation is a growth key for companies. It enables them to adapt to the expectations and needs of consumers, who are also in constant evolution. People don't like routine and innovation is there to satisfy this desire for new things.


At the heart of this network of new things linked to innovation, marketing has an important place to play. Both are interdependent for the successful implementation of novelties.  Between marketing and innovation, what are their common challenges and how can they be successfully implemented to ensure success?


What is an innovation?


Innovation is the act of creating or integrating something new into a process, a product or a service. Innovation allows meeting a need expressed by the actors of a market. The goal of developing a new idea and implementing it is to gain a competitive advantage in order to be competitive in the market, while responding to new consumer expectations and needs.


There are 4 types of innovation: breakthrough innovation, behavioural innovation, incremental innovation and technological innovation. To analyse a degree of innovation, the Abell method can be used, which analyses the technology used, the functions of the product and the intended targets.


Incremental innovation, also known as continuous innovation or minor innovation, is defined as improving an existing product or service. Technological innovation, on the other hand, refers to something new in the technology used for the product or service. Behavioural innovation operates in the case of a new consumer habit while maintaining the technology used. Breakthrough innovation includes all novelties: new consumer behaviour and new technologies. This innovation is also called radical innovation.


Each company has its own way of innovating and choosing the strategy that best suits its needs and resources. To find the right innovation strategy, it is necessary to have a related marketing strategy. Both go hand in hand and only by working together can they succeed.


What are the main challenges of innovation marketing?


Marketing is the whole action of studying, defining and influencing the needs and behaviour of consumers in order to offer them a product or a service.


The challenge of innovation marketing is to analyse and understand the sectors and the market in order to propose new products adapted to the needs and expectations of consumers.


Innovation marketing helps companies to set up a good methodology to find, create and develop their innovations while studying the different processes for an efficient and successful product launch. The objective is to use all marketing resources and adapt them to the novelty in order to make it successful in the target market. This approach is an asset in strategic and operational decisions in order to determine the right positioning of the innovation and to be able to implement the appropriate communication strategy.


Innovation Marketing is an important element for the success of new projects so that they will be successful on the market.


What about at BBC CELLPACK Packaging?


At BBC CELLPACK Packaging, we talk about technological and behavioural innovation to adapt ourselves to the new lifestyles and consumer expectations of the 21st century.  With our 3 new product ranges, CELLPouch, CELLWax and CELLRoll, we are meeting the environmental expectations of the market and the behavioural expectations of consumers in order to maintain their consumption habits. Innovation marketing has been a key element in the development of our three new products. Market analyses, studies of consumer behaviour and research into technology have enabled us to define a strategy to launch our recyclable flexible packaging innovations. The decision to remove aluminium from our paper packaging is in line with this same strategy.


Among other products, we have also chosen to innovate in our organisation, particularly in our customer service, renamed Customer Success Service. For us, innovation marketing is a motivation and dynamism driver to go further in our ideas and in the customer/consumer experience. It helps us to define our approaches and adapt to offer the appropriate solutions, both for our products and our services.


We encourage innovation, in all business sectors and especially in our own, flexible packaging sector, because for us innovation is a resource for continuous improvement in order to live together in a more harmonious world.