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26.05.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New assembly movie of a cast resin branch clamp for house connections H 5-SYS on Youtube!

It should be easy to identify the difference of the picture between the new time lapse video to the practiced eyes. Of course, also this system has different varieties and options. So own components but also supplier articles can have the same application, branch connection of a low voltage cable. Mostly in the existing rural regions are still overhead lines used. But more and more underground cables are getting present. New construction areas for living are connected via a circle of the main cable. Now image if one new building needs to be connected to this circle. None of the habitants will accept a power supply shut down of several hours just for connecting the new building in the network.

Therefore, joints were developed for installation under voltage. The branch cable (4x35²) will be applied with the joint system onto the main cable (4x150²) under the present of an active power supply, for more details please check this video.

Get here to the movie directly.