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16.06.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New movie on our Electrical Products-Youtube Channel!

Every craftsman already knows the problem und has asked himself how simply, easy and affordable can it be solved? During work in a garden the connection cable to a light in ground was damaged. The damage was only made with regards to the outer sheath and the filling material, so that the colors of the core insulation was visible. How to solve is shown in the new time lapse video in YouTube.

Of course also straight through joints in gel, cast resin or heat shrink technology can be used. But the effort against the benefit should be considered. Therefore, for this application wrap around heat shrink sleeves will be used, where the cable has not to be cut only cleaned and roughened. Very important is a check of the damage in detail. If the conductor insulation is damaged, a wrap around cannot rebuild the function of it and a joint need to be used for maintenance.

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