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14.07.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New Timelapse movie of a CWS 250A on Youtube!

Bushings are normally used in switch gear stations for connecting transformers and the main power supply.

The switch gear station itself acts as a switch and can require encapsulated systems with our plug-in connectors. Bushings are standardized components according EN 50180 and 50181, it means that the dimensions and requirements are standardized. It already exists video for the bushing type C with 630A maximum current load. The new video is showing the installation on type A bushing for 250A. The plug-in installation is nearly the same (cable preparation, FSE installation, mechanical lug installation, plug-in installation, sealing), the only difference, the plug-in for 250A is plugged and not screwed onto the bushing. The video provides a fast and simple survey of the installation steps, the used components and the required tools.

Enjoy watching and leave us your feedback! Get here to the movie directly.