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11.08.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New timelapse movie SMH E90 on Youtube!

In areas with increased safety precautions, special accessories are required or absolutely necessary. In an emergency, such as a fire, functions for example lighting or doors that must be able to be opened without fail must still be guaranteed.

However, the description "E90" of our heat-shrink straight-through joint SMH E90 does not refer to fire resistance, but to the functional guarantee of 90 minutes.

This functional integrity is mainly achieved by the glass tubes used above the connectors. This is because when the SMH E90 set is fully exposed to flame (in case of fire), not much will remain of the shrink tubes SRH2 (inner tubes) and SRH3 (outer tube) used.

In the available test reports, not only the fitting is tested for suitability, but also the interaction of the complete system, which consists of all components used, including those outside the heat shrink kit. Thus, not only the cable is part of the test, but also the cable, screws, dowels and the conduit. Get here to the movie directly.

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