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18.07.2022BBC Cellpack Packaging

CELLRoll, our recyclable film solution!

CELLRoll is our range of recyclable plastic packaging film. Environmentally friendly, our CELLRolls have been designed to guarantee circular economy! High barrier properties, without bisphenol A, reduced thickness, adapted to...more

18.07.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Summer party 2022 in Tiengen

Summer, sun, fun! On July 15, the BBC Cellpack summer party took place once more. The employees were able to enjoy the evening together in a lively atmosphere - With BBQ treats and freshly tapped beer, the heat was much easier to...more

11.07.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Happy Birthday Roger Braun!

Our CEO Roger Braun celebrated his 60th birthday on 10 July. The BBC Cellpack management came up with a very special gift to mark the occasion: As many of you know, mountaineering and hiking are among his greatest passions....more

30.06.2022BBC GROUP, BBC Cellpack Power Systems, BBC Cellpack Smart Energy

«Power-Treff » September 13/14/15, 2022

The following exhibitors will be on site at the Power-Treff in Villmergen:more

24.06.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products


BBC Cellpack Electrical Products was once again able to honour some employees for many years of service. CEO Roger Braun and Head of HR Ann-Kathrin Ebner presented certificates and gifts to ten employees who were commended for...more

22.06.2022BBC GROUP, BBC Bircher Automation

BBC Bircher Automation dives into the virtual world

Last week we invited members of the Industriegruppe Klettgau (IGK) to a discussion on the topic of "The use of mixed reality glasses in industry" and presented to them how the real and virtual world can be today combined in the...more

17.06.2022BBC Cellpack Packaging

Thinking today to find tomorrow's solutions. 

Research and Development (R&D) is a fundamental discipline for a company. It covers the functions of research, creation, development and implementation. The objective is to design new products and/or services to improve and...more

13.06.2022BBC Cellpack Power Systems, BBC Cellpack Smart Energy

«Power-Treff» 13/14/15 September 2022

Info about the program will be announced soon.

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