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23.02.2023BBC GROUP, BBC Bircher Smart Access

BBC Bircher Smart Access optimizes logistics

New central warehouse in Czech Republic plus changes at Swiss headquartersmore

21.02.2023BBC Cellpack Packaging

It’s Teatime!

What time do you have your tea? As soon as you wake up, during your break at work or more like the English tradition around 5pm? Tea or herbal tea, we at BBC CELLPACK Packaging have the packaging solutions for your infusions....more

16.02.2023BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Trainee excursion to BBC Cellpack

Last week we welcomed sixteen pupils from the commercial school in Waldshut so that they could hold their company presentations in our meeting room for an entire day. Two teachers and some instructors were also on site and...more

07.02.2023BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

The new Managing Directors of our market organisations in France and South East Asia

On behalf of our CSO Rainer Crevecoeur, BBC Cellpack warmly welcomes its two new Managing Directors from the market organisations France and Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia). Kim Seah CHIA (r., Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC...more

20.01.2023BBC Bircher Smart Access

Transition period for UKCA marking extended

CE marking for door and gate sector still valid in UK for two yearsmore

04.01.2023BBC Bircher Smart Access

Access system in endurance test

ProLoop2 from Bircher Smart Access: Essential part of border facilities at San Ysidro Port of Entrymore

13.12.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Christmas celebration 2022

With snapshots of our management taken at this year's BBC Cellpack Electrical Products Christmas party we take off for company holiday. From 24.12.22 to 01.01.2023 our office will be closed. We would like to thank you for...more

12.12.2022BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Visit of the technician class from Waldshut!

Two weeks ago, we were delighted to receive a special visit from a school class from the Waldshut technical school. 18 pupils were given insight into the company BBC Cellpack Electrical Products, the product range, production,...more

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