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25.02.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

Moving forward with innovation

"Innovation fascinates, interrogates and questions itself. Innovation builds and builds itself. "Lina Alami. In a world in perpetual renewal, innovation is a growth key for companies. It enables them to adapt to the...more

19.02.2021BBC Cellpack Plastics Technology, BBC Cellpack Technology

Voluntary climate protection

Promoting environmental awareness and conserving resources has always been a priority at Cellpack. With our voluntary participation in the programme of the Energy Agency for Industry, we are committed to actively reducing CO2...more

09.02.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New timelapse movie of a CAM-S on our Youtube-Channel!

New timelapse movie of the 1-core straight-through joint CAM-S for all 1-core polymeric cables Contrax straight-through joints CAM-S allow the connection of cables with different cross sections and conductor materials even with...more

08.02.2021BBC GROUP, BBC Bircher Automation
virtual commissioning

Win-Win through Virtual Commissioning

The virtual commissioning carried out by  BBC Bircher Automation was completed successfully. In cooperation with the client, design data for the simulation preparation was exchanged and the PLC software was...more

05.02.2021BBC GROUP, BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products Training dates for 2021

Find out about our 2021 training dates now! Also learn more about our new offerings such as digital or off-site training. All dates, which were to take place on-site until March, will now optionally take place...more

27.01.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

NEW! CELLPouch ® Sweety, our new recyclable pouch!

The CELLPouch® range is growing! Stand-Up Pouches are known for their modernity and durability  With our CELLPouch® range, we go even further! Have you heard about "sugar bashing"? It is a phenomenon that the...more

26.01.2021BBC Bircher Smart Access

CleanSwitch Lock for WC and lock applications

BBC Bircher expands the CleanSwitch range with additional functionsmore

11.12.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products donates trees

The pandemic has been dominating our lives for almost a year now. Today we know that this crisis has changed society, companies but also our private behavior. For this reason, we have decided to invest in the environment this...more

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