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08.02.2021BBC GROUP, BBC Bircher Automation
virtual commissioning

Win-Win through Virtual Commissioning

The virtual commissioning carried out by  BBC Bircher Automation was completed successfully. In cooperation with the client, design data for the simulation preparation was exchanged and the PLC software was...more

27.01.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

NEW! CELLPouch ® Sweety, our new recyclable pouch!

The CELLPouch® range is growing! Stand-Up Pouches are known for their modernity and durability  With our CELLPouch® range, we go even further! Have you heard about "sugar bashing"? It is a phenomenon that the...more

26.01.2021BBC Bircher Smart Access

CleanSwitch Lock for WC and lock applications

BBC Bircher expands the CleanSwitch range with additional functionsmore

11.12.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

BBC Cellpack Electrical Products donates trees

The pandemic has been dominating our lives for almost a year now. Today we know that this crisis has changed society, companies but also our private behavior. For this reason, we have decided to invest in the environment this...more

04.12.2020BBC Cellpack Packaging

Our Research for the future

The 7th continent, we have all heard about it at least once. This sea of floating waste, the result of human activity, is an ecological disaster for humanity and our planet. By 2050, if we don't act to change the trend, there...more

27.11.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New movie of our plug-in production on our Youtube-Channel!

How do we produce our Cellplux cable connectors? We provide insights into our production process at our German site in Radeberg. From the production and merging of the inner and outer electrodes of a T-connector body, through...more

13.11.2020BBC Bircher Automation

Automation in electrical control systems realized with KOMAX

We are proud to present our new video. The M1650 Tube Marking Module is a fully automated tool which marks wires by threading with a cable tube. The Module can be converted for use on different types of tubes and is designed...more

12.11.2020BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New assembly movie of the cable repair set EASY FIX SRMH5 on Youtube

The EASY-FIX cable repair set is suitable for connecting and insulating drilled or otherwise damaged cables and lines without inserting new line parts. Thanks to the extra long heat-shrinkable crimp connectors, the slit...more

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