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03.12.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New assembly video of a CTS 3 36kV Cellpux T-connector

Finally a new Youtube video! Since today the new CTS 3 36kV assembly video is online. Click here to go directly to the video! As always, leave us your feedback as a comment or like! more

19.11.2021BBC Cellpack Packaging

CELLNat, nature invites itself into your home!

Today, to be trendy, you have to live as eco-friendly as possible. Sustainability and recyclability are the order of the day. Even more than a trend, respect for the environment has become a global concern, a worldwide concern,...more

29.10.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Warm welcome of our new CSO Rainer Crevecoeur BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

A few weeks ago we welcomed our new CSO at BBC Cellpack Electrical Products.We wish our new management member every success at BBC Cellpack. We look forward to an exciting collaboration and are eager to hear your ideas. Rainer...more

26.10.2021BBC Bircher Automation

Certified Machinery Safety Expert at BBC Bircher Automation

We are pleased to announce that Matthias Schönle has completed and passed the further training and certification examination of a “Machinery Safety Expert” at a company PILZ in Mägenwil.more

29.09.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New assembly movie of a CHMPRSV 3 1 Transition joint

Now new on Youtube: Assembly movie of a CHMPRSV 3 1 Transition joint. This is a customized customer product. Leave us your feedback!more

27.08.2021BBC Cellpack Technology

Start of apprenticeship

We are pleased to welcome new apprentices to our company again this summer. The training of our future skilled workers has a high priority in our company. We currently have a total of 12 prospective polymechanics or production...more

25.08.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

Ivitation to ENERGETAB trade fair in poland

BBC Cellpack will be present at Energetab Poland from 14 to 16.09.2021. ENERGETAB is the largest international fair of modern equipment, apparatus and technologies for energy industry in Poland. It is the venue of the most...more

11.08.2021BBC Cellpack Electrical Products

New Linkedin company page for our Dubai location

We created a seperate Linkedin Page for our colleagues in Middle East! If you want to stay up to date and want more information from the middle east area, follow our new channel! more

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