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BBC Group – Growing Continually

Originally the company that we know today as Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group hardly operated outside of its ancestral home. The systematic expansion outside of Switzerland only began after the takeover by Giorgio Behr in the nineties and the takeover of Cellpack in 2001.

International Presence forming the Platform for Success in the 21st Century

The most important steps in the development and expansion of the Behr Deflandre & Snozzi corporation and respectively the Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group:

1991 Bailout of Bircher AG, Beringen
1993 Founding of Bircher Asia Pacific Singapore & Johore Bahru Malaysia
2000 Acquisition of Reglomat AG, Speicher by Bircher AG, Beringen
2001 Majority acquisition of Cellpack AG, Villmergen by Behr Deflandre & Snozzi
2001 Founding of Bircher CZ in Hranice CZ
2003 Operational takeover of Lony GmbH, Lauterecken by Cellpack AG
2003 Merger of Bircher Cellpack Group to BBC Group
2004 Shareholder consolidation of Behr Deflandre & Snozzi AG in Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC AG respectively the BBC Group to around 91%
2005 Founding of publishing house Schaffhauser Bock AG and the takeover of publishing rights of the free, weekly newspaper ‘Schaffhauser Bock’
2006 Expansion of Bircher CZ through the founding of Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Czech s.r.o. in Valašské Meziříčí
2007/2008 Acquisition of Huser & Peyer AG & Stationenbau AG by BBC Group
2008 Acquisition of Baumgartner Group, Crissier with subsidiaries CFS, Illfurth/F (known today as Cellpack FS Packaging) by BBC Groupp
2008 Takeover of approximately 40% of SIA Abrasives in Frauenfeld by BBC AG followed by a subsequent mandatory takeover offer. This offer was outbid by the Bosch Group who integrated the Frauenfeld company into one of its subdivisions creating a further area of business. The BBC Group had planned to expand SIA Abrasives as a stand-alone, publicly listed company.
2009 Share increase of around 11% in the Quadrant, one of the main suppliers of Cellpack Plastics Technology, by Cellpack AG respectively BBC AG. This strategic shareholding was sold as a consequence of a takeover over from Aquamit B.V, a consortium that consisted of four members of the board of directors from the old Quadrant.
2012 New build in Hranice CZ
2013 10 years BBC Group anniversary celebration Salto Natale
2013 Build of Cellpack Medical with clean room in Villmergen CH
2015 Approval for the production of pressure sensitive mats in Hranice CZ

Behr Deflandre & Snozzi BDS AG

Behr Deflandre & Snozzi BDS AG is the holding company for the business activities of Giorgio Behr and is managed 100% by him. It has a main stake in the Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group.

The growth of Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC Group took place first and foremost organically, in places where an expansion and consolidation of activities made sense and in exceptional cases, through acquisition.

Behr Deflandre & Snozzi BDS Consulting AG was founded in 1985. Soon the business remit of the company expanded to include founding further companies that are consolidated under Behr Deflandre & Snozzi AG. Behr Deflandre & Snozzi AG has never participated in direct takeovers or public takeover offers. However as the main shareholder of Behr Bircher Cellpack BBC AG and therefore its subsidiary Cellpack AG, it has to be publicly disclosed in accordance with regulations.