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16.02.2024BBC Bircher Smart Access

New sliding door sensor DualSense

DualSense - the intelligent sensors for interior and exterior sliding doors

Universal sliding door sensor: Smart and safe


DualSense is the simple solution for activating and safeguarding automatic sliding door systems for people in accordance with EN 16005. Even the standard version of the sensor is suitable for all conceivable requirements, including escape and rescue routes. The sophisticated operating concept with intuitive menu navigation and a large display makes installation quick and easy. The sensor's configuration options also include functions for optimizing the building's energy efficiency.


DualSense D combines proven sophisticated technologies to create a safe and user-friendly solution. A radar motion sensor opens the door. An active infrared presence detector (AIR) protects people in the area where there may be door movement. Only the AIR presence detector is required to protect the secondary closing edges on the door system. The more basic sensor model DualSense S can be used here.


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