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15.05.2023BBC Bircher Smart Access

Expanding competencies and advancing technologies

BBC Bircher Smart Access is a member of key industry and sector associations

Thanks to its membership in various organizations on three continents, BBC Bircher Smart Access is networked worldwide and benefits from the exchange of know-how as well as cooperations, events and many other activities. In view of ever new norms and safety standards, trade association activities are becoming increasingly important.


As a global provider of smart access systems, BBC Bircher Smart Access is also part of an international group of companies, the BBC Group. The company takes the resulting responsibility for continuous ongoing development, for example in terms of safety and sustainability of access systems, very seriously. Thanks to its membership in numerous industry and sector associations, BBC Bircher Smart Access promotes the further development of norms and standards, the protection of sector interests (e.g. vis-à-vis politicians), exchange and communication (e.g. via events and publications) and the preparation of market overviews, reports and statistics.


Represented in leading organizations worldwide


In Europe, BBC Bircher Smart Access is involved in the European Door & Shutter Federation e.V., for example: Originally founded in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, this association for the development and standardization of fire protection tests focuses primarily on energy and sustainability in addition to door safety. Among other things, a label has been developed for automatic doors that indicates their energy efficiency class, as is familiar from washing machines or refrigerators, for example.


Furthermore, BBC Bircher Smart Access is a member in Europe of Portgruppen, the Swedish association for door and roller shutter manufacturers, and in Germany of the "BVT - Verband Tore" (Federal Association of Door and Barrier Manufacturers and Suppliers for the Door Industry) as well as the Fachverband Türautomation e.V. "As a supplier of safety-critical components for doors and gates, it is particularly important for us to be well networked with customers and partners, to react early to changing circumstances and to cooperate with relevant institutions" emphasizes Frank Peter Kirgis, CEO of BBC Bircher Smart Access.


Well networked across the continents


This applies all the more to the overseas markets in Asia and America – as seen from the Swiss headquarters. BBC Bircher Smart Access is therefore a member of two Chinese trade associations, the CCMSA (China Construction and Metal Construction Association) and the CHDWCC (All-China Building Construction and Building Technology Industry Association). The Swiss experts for smart access systems are also well represented in the USA - namely in no less than three industrial associations: DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association) is the leading industry representation in North America with more than 100 member companies and its own magazine.


The International Doors Association (IDA), headquartered in Washington, D.C., is primarily active in education and training, also publishes its own magazine, and hosts the annual IDAExpo+ trade show. As an innovative sensor manufacturer, BBC Bircher Smart Access is also a member of A3, the Association for Advanced Automation, which brings together companies from the fields of robotics, image processing and motion control. Frank Peter Kirgis concludes by saying: "Going forward, we will continue to focus on being well connected in key markets and are committed to further expanding our memberships and activities globally."